Nesting Time

By bernieandangie
We finally got all of our stuff in the house and sorted out (for the most part) and started to make the house our own. So we bought a dog.

Her name is Chevy and she loves people, Mack (Gretch and Phil's dog), and to SHED. She can shed with the best of 'em. If there were a competition in shedding, she would be top.....20, at least.

" Staring contest...You and Me....GO!"

Anyway, other than an addition to our family, we got the crazy idea that we would paint the house over Christmas Break. Good News: We painted. Bad News: It's a lot more work than we anticipated. My left forearm is throbbing as I am using that attached hand to type this lovely blog.

" She's a Pro"

We also have inter-webs. For the technology stunted crowd, it's a "series of tubes" connecting me to all of you.

So with all that said, we will be posting more often (hopefully) since I have all of these "tubes" at my disposal.

We love you, and have a Happy New Year! ("Happy New Jeah" for Nat.)


5 jobs

By bernieandangie
Sooooooooooooo, about NOT posting in a long while.....I have been working on a lot of things recently, including: Wedding Photography, CBS News, Teaching at Birchwood Christian School, Shooting a commercial and Drilling with the Air Guard.

Oh yeah, we bought a house! So here are the pictures of our new house including the keys!


Chemical Warfare

By bernieandangie
Sorry I haven't posted in ages, but here is some pictures from our BIG Air Guard Inspection in chemical warfare. We were putting in 15 hour days and had to be in chemical suits for hours on end. So here is a little taste of what we went through.


Let's go to the ZOO

By bernieandangie
I was able to hang out with Carsten for his Big Birthday. Here are some pics I have worked on.


Easter Pics

By bernieandangie
Here are some pictures I took during Easter weekend.


Bomb Fire

By bernieandangie
We had a BBQ over at our BFF Jess Hall.....take a look!

Untitled from Bernie Kale on Vimeo.


By bernieandangie
Here is a quick little video of my beautiful Niece and Nephew, Finn and Elli.